What to expect when attending a Samdhaana Yoga Class at Circles Around the Sun Yoga:
This excerpt is from Sacred Space Yoga Studio's website, where Melody White, founder of Samdhaana Yoga has outlined the principles of each class. 

What to Expect from a Samdhaana Yoga Class
In typical exercise classes, students often rush in, work up a sweat for an hour, and then dash off to their next activity.  Samdhaana Yoga is a whole different experience. While a big part of Samdhaana  involves physical poses and movement, there is so much more to it.

Information - In all of our classes, but particularly our foundations classes, we take the time to talk about all aspects of the yoga practice; to explain proper alignment and the subtleties of each pose; to understand the importance of breathing; to modify poses for people who may have knee, hip or other structural issues; and to answer questions.
Breathwork (pranayama) – Our breath is our life force. Learning to focus on the breath and move with the breath has tremendous benefits including reducing stress, calming the mind, energizing the body, and promoting healing and good health.
Attending the spine – Classes begin with gentle movement of the spine in all directions. Warming up the spine in this careful manner promotes strength and balance, and reduces the risk of injury.
Opening the Body - There are 7 elements to opening the body. Most of our classes will cover 5-7 elements, while our one hour classes will cover 2-3 elements.
Meditation – In meditation, we might draw our attention to our breath or to guided imagery, detaching from the external world and from our conscious thoughts. Like breathwork, meditation reduces stress, calms
the mind, and helps one feel centered.
Savasana (corpse pose) – We close out our classes with Savasana, lying on the mat in a comfortable relaxed state, allowing for a calming transition from the active part of the practice back to the rest of day’s activities.

For all of these reasons, most of our Samdhaana Yoga classes are an hour and a half long. However, we also offer some one hour classes because we recognize that not everyone has the time for a longer class. Either way, we promise your time at Sacred Space will be time well spent!

Please note that Samdhaana Yoga classes are always about YOU.  You are always free to opt out of any pose or part of the practice that is not right for you for any reason.

Beginner: Intro to Yoga


Learn and practice the fundamentals of yoga in a safe environment.  Students learn a series of basic poses to build strength and increase flexibility, as well as beginning breathing and meditation techniques to calm a busy mind. This class is taught at a slower pace with detailed instruction.  Accessible to all.  


Elements of Yoga


Explore the elements and foundations of yoga in this creative class. Students will learn yoga postures and work on proper alignment for optimum feel. This class will also incorporate breathing techniques, modifications and will begin to create a sense of movement by using mandala patterns. Excellent for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. Classes will have a slow to moderate paced depending on the energy of the classroom or theme for that day.


Around the Sun



This vinyasa flow promotes deep and even breathing connected with movement. This class will rotate the student around the mat using a variety of mandala and arc patterns in an effort to provide symmetrical and radial balance to the body. This class is a great option for students with an understanding of yoga postures and those that seek flow and movement in the practice. By incorporating creative, soothing and methodical patterns each class will leave you feeling balanced and renewed.


Vinyasa Lunch Flow 

This shorter energetic flow will hopefully brighten your day and refuel your energy  Themes and sequencing varies week to week but the class usually consists of sun salutations, standing postures/balances, and floor work.   This, often playful,  class is meant to be a boost to your day.   For the experienced beginner to advanced yogi.


Yoga for Health & Happiness 



We cannot stop the aging process but we can slow down aspects of it.  “Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness.”  This 60 minute class offers slower paced movements, meditation, breathing techniques, and practical tips for everyday challenges.  Whether you are over fifty, living a stressful life, experiencing autoimmune or other life-changing illnesses, or just looking for nice slow paced movements in a friendly environment, this class is designed with you in mind.


Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga - This class is joyful but thorough.  Hopefully the student will enjoy a heightened sense of energy throughout the day.   Morning yoga begins with a brief meditation setting intent for your day.  This is a general flow class, incorporating sun salutations, standing/balancing work, and floor work.  There is very little restorative work done in the morning class and poses are not held for long amounts of time.  It is designed to get your mind and body ready for your day.This class is for the experienced beginner to intermediate yogi.


Gentle Yoga


Gentle Yoga combines yoga postures, breath work and some light meditation. This is a relaxing class emphasizing breath to reduce stress and tension. Perfect for everyone looking to relax and unwind.  It is a softer, slower paced class using props such as blankets, bolsters, straps and chairs. Poses may be approached in gradual steps giving time to focus on the breath and alignment. The class is designed to softly awaken and stretch out the body so that the practice feels good.  No prior yoga experience is required.


This class is excellent for those wanting a good all over body stretch.  Yogis and athletes will enjoy deep stretching and opening of the shoulders and hips, improving motion and relieving stiffness.  Meditations may be included.  Those with injury may enjoy this class backing off any deep sensation and staying with gentle stretching.  Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body and the fascia that covers the body.   It offers a much deeper access to the body and poses are normally held one to three to five to ten minutes.  New yogis may walk in.  This class is available to everyone.

Yin/Deep Stretch


Yoga 101 Pop Ups

Yoga 101 Pop Ups - These small workshops are for those who want to begin the yoga journey and for those who have been away from yoga for a long time and want to refresh their knowledge.  Yoga 101 classes are very broken down, descriptive, and hands on.  You may ask questions as we move through the basic beginner asanas.   This class is accessible to all bodies and a chair may be added.


Storytime Yoga


Recommended for children 3-6 years old, but mom can decide appropriateness.   Here yoga poses are introduced to kids by using fun stories.  This is a short class and $5 per family.  Members free.  A quiet moment of centering and greeting will begin each class.  It’s a fun way for little ones to begin their knowledge of yoga.  The poses and breathing exercises promote confidence, strength, body awareness and flexibility.  


Candlelight Yoga Relax & Restore

This gentle yoga session will prepare you for peaceful rest using mild stretching and restorative holds that feel good to your body. It is appropriate for all levels. Enjoy the beautiful candlelit room and aromas to assist in relaxing.


Mother and Daughter Yoga

Mother and daughter yoga is meant to be a bonding experience that encourages mutual respect, positive communication, and trust while having fun. You do no need prior yoga experience as it will teach modifications for postures. After a warm up of individual poses you will begin partner yoga and end with a quiet, restorative, meditation. Whether you're reconnecting to your busy teenager, enjoying time with your daughter who is beginning to find her own way, or just wanting some personal space with your child this will be the perfect experience for you both. Recommended ages 7 and up. (Children need to have body awareness and the attention span to make it through the class and quiet meditation.)



Unable to make class times or have a specific style you’d like to practice in private?  Classes can be held for 1 person or for groups. Contact us for information regarding pricing and availability. 

Private Sessions