Circles Around the Sun Yoga was founded in the summer of 2016 by Sarah Wray and Deana Clark.  

I completed my 200 hour RYT in June 2016 at Sacred Space yoga studio in Mount Airy, North Carolina under the instruction of the amazingly talented and knowledgeable Melody White, founder of Samdhaana Yoga®. Following the completion of our  Yoga Teacher Training, I decided to continue to follow my passion of empowering and building our community by sharing the joys of yoga. I am so excited to embark upon this journey and hope to provide a welcoming and relaxing space for all people to enjoy. I full-heartedly believe yoga is for everyone, with this at the forefront, this studio will feature a wide array of class types to support all student levels; from the very beginner to the advanced yogi. Each of our teachers will work to empower each student to cultivate their own personal practice and work to identify what aspects of the yoga practice resonate with them. We are just mere guides upon the path and look forward to sharing yoga with you all.   ~Sarah

Sarah Wray, Owner and Teacher
I  am passionate about family, friends, live music, building community, volunteerism and educating and empowering students of all ages. My passion for yoga continues to grow as it gives me the ability to find release, channel creativity and spend time focusing on myself in order to fully immerse myself in the service of others. Yoga gives us the opportunity to step away from our everyday responsibilities; allowing us to bring our focus and attention to ourselves: mind, body and breath. I enjoy bringing creative sequences alive to move students around the mat in a soothing and balanced way. I strive to empower students by sharing postures that are accessible to everyone. I look forward to providing an authentic experience in which students can feel connected to the yoga practice and begin deepening their own personal practice. 

         Deana Clark, Teacher

Lauren Kipreos, Guest Teacher

Kristin Hylton, Teacher  

Becky Kipreos, Guest Teacher

Kym Goins, Guest Teacher

Jodi Brinkley, Guest Teacher

Heather Elliot, Guest Teacher

Joey Marion, Guest Teacher

Dani Clement, Guest Teacher

 Cricket Haley, Guest Teacher

Cathy Harrison, Guest Teacher

Deana Clark, Teacher
Nature, travel, books, family, friendship, and faith are important to me, and themes reflecting these will flow through my classes.     I love sequencing that is heart-opening and allows the student to shine.   I believe that yoga is for everyone, and hopefully I can help every individual find the breath, asana and pace that works for them.   Finding the beauty in this world through photography, aromatherapy, and yoga nurtures my soul.   Sharing it with others is a blessing.   Above all I want my classes to be authentic, a reflection of my own heart, style and abilities.  My goal is for students to leave my class feeling inspired, peaceful, and good about themselves.